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Damier Club de Wattrelos


The new international tournament in Wattrelos

French version

logo du tournoi mastersThe Damier Wattrelos Club organizes the international tournament : The Masters of Wattrelos

The tournament takes place as follows : the best 24 players are in Gold group, the following 24 in the Silver group , the following 24 in the Bronze group etc. In each series, the 24 players are divided into 4 groups of 6 players in a first phase. After a round robin phase, the two first of each group take part in the Group 1, the 3rd and 4th in Group 2, the 5th and 6th in Group 3. Players play again with a round robin system during this final phase. At the end, each player play 12 games left (+ 5 parts 7parties) to 10 min rate + 5 sec / move.

As usual, each participant leaves with a goodie! The amount of the reward is fixed according to inscriptions.

Here, you can find all results of the last edition:

List of podium
Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2017 Damien ALIGNA drapeau du Cameroun Kevin MACHTELINCK drapeau du Cameroun Thomy M'BONGO drapeau de la Côté d'Ivoire
2016 Christian NIAMI drapeau du Cameroun Jean-Marie EYEBE drapeau du Cameroun Ibrahim Adiatu drapeau de la Côté d'Ivoire

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